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Acer palmatum  BENI HIME  Old Specimen

ACER palmatum BENI HIME Zones: 5-9. At last, a Japanese Maple that is small-scale for garden railroads, miniature landscapes, rock gardens, and Bonsai. No more need to root prune or top prune to keep small as these old trees show. Beni Hime matures to about 2 feet tall (That is 48 feet in -inch scale!) with tiny leaves, about 1 inch long. Beautiful reddish tones until fall then takes on yellow, dark red and gold. Although reported to take more sun than most Japanese maples, filtered shade is preferred especially in hot summer areas. These are miniature perfection! Photos show Specimen size in Bonsai type container and close up of penny sized leaves in vivid fall color. Note that you do not need to keep these trees in containers. They do best in the ground and will stay small. Shipping size: 18 inches high x 28 inches wide with 3/4 - 1 inch trunk. Shapes very slightly.

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