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CHAMAECYPARIS pisifera WHITE PYGMY miniature cypress

CHAMAECYPARIS pisifera WHITE PYGMY Zones 5-8. On Bob and Sky's first Garden RR they planted a dwarf tree called Mikko Snow. The new growth is white and very striking. However it rapidly grew to 5 feet x 2 feet which was a bit large for their small scale scenes and they constantly have to trim it to look normal on their RR. Now they have White Pygmy which fills the need for a true miniature living snowball of white on green and maturing to less than 10 inches at 10 years. Perfect for all small scale scenes including fairy gardens, garden railroads, container gardens and as a striking accent in any landscape. Bob and Sky, at last, have their tiny white tree. You can too. Shipping size: 4 inches. Growing hint: For best white color place White Pygmy in partial or filtered shade and keep moist in well drained soil.

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