Click to enlargeChamaecyparis thyoides Ericoides

Zones: 3-8. Eric has soft feathery foliage changing color with the seasons. Spring: light green, Summer: soft blue-gray, Fall and Winter: reddish-plum. Many people say it resembles a pine, others see a redwood. It is popular for garden railroads as grows well in heat or cold and takes well to trimming as a 2-3 foot forest tree. Excellent as a container plant or in the general landscape, garden railroads and rock gardens. At ten years of age, planted in the ground and allowed to grow untrimmed will be about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide, slowly growing larger with age. With soft to the touch foliage, Eric accepts a wide range of soil and climates. It is easy to grow and easy to trim. This tree is people friendly! Shipping size 6-9 inches.

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