Click to enlargeGinkgo  biloba 'Spring Grove'

Zones: 4-9. Spring Grove is a slow growing mini ginkgo with small green cupped leaves which turn brilliant yellow in fall. Plant in the ground and let grow naturally with narrow, slow growth to about 3 feet (untrimmed) at 10 years. Or place in container for smaller stature. Perfect for all gardening in miniature scales including Fairy Gardens and garden railroads. Our cultivars have a low graft which is perfect for Bonsai and container planting. Does not produce fruit. (Remember this is important as Ginkgo fruit have an odor you won’t forget!). Spring Grove is tolerant of urban pollution and tends to be free of insects and disease. Enjoys full sun, well drained average soil and moderate water. Miniature Shipping size: 4-8 inches well rooted plants.

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