Conifer Color New Year's Day 2018. Neon yellow of Chief Joseph and Amber Glow pines, deep green of Ilex Sky Pencil and Jean's Dilly Spruce, and strong blue tones of Blue Star Juniper dominate this scene. Note from Sky: The colors are actual and not computer enhanced.

About us: We are dedicated to miniature and dwarf plants that are appropriate for small-scale use such as garden railroads, rock gardens, bonsai, miniature gardens and limited space gardens. Our own garden railroad and rock garden, along with the displays of Bonsai, Saikei, and miniature window box scenes, are testing grounds for the mini plants we carry. Some have failed our standards by growing too large too fast, the leaves/needles have become too large, or the plants are not reasonably easy care cultivars. This is an ongoing process and one we admit is very enjoyable. We also strive to work closely with our customers and answer all questions to the best of our ability. Please let us know if there are other items you need, as we can probably find them for you. Gardening is a most pleasurable and healthy endeavor and we at Mini Forest encourage, by goal and example, this wonderful activity. Our Garden Railroad and its miniature world is one of the most fun and rewarding projects we have ever undertaken. We wish the same happiness and pleasure for you. Add to your happiness. Like us on Facebook and receive a discount on your order.

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