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Picea glauca JEANSíS DILLY Zones: 3-7 (zone 8 with filtered shade and cool site). Elevation: Cool sea level to 8000 feet. High elevations should site in filtered shade. Jean's Dilly is LiveScale© perfection for all small scale plantings such as garden railroads, fairy gardens, container gardens and troughs. A smaller, slower growing sport of the Dwarf Alberta spruce, Jean's Dilly has dark green short needles forming a narrow pointed cone. Very slow growth (untrimmed) to about 12 inches at 10 years. Jean's Dilly is a great choice for hardiness, easy care and needing little or no pruning to stay small. Prefers full sun, slightly acid soil, kept moist but well drained. It has performed well even in hot summer areas with automated, regular irrigation and afternoon shade. Shipping size: 8-11 inches. LiveScale©MINIATURE

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