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Hatiora salicornioides  DRUNKARDS DREAM

Zones: 9,10 and warmer. AKA Rhipsalis salicornioides, other common names are Dancing Bones, Mistletoe Cactus. Will take light frost but recommend for indoor. Easy to grow succulent. Very tiny yellow bell flowers bloom in early spring, with occasional repeat. A thornless cactus relative. Trim and stake up for mini Bonsai look or let grow to 8-inch cascade. Has interesting change of branch shape from youth to maturity. Will turn red if chilled with light frost. Filtered shade to bright light indoors. Keeps well on the dry side after established. Fertilize in early spring then let grow with occasional watering. Outdoors in summer is OK. Change soil every 2-3 years. Shipping size: 4-6 inches.

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