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Sequoiadendron g. BLAUER EICHZWERG aka Blue Dwarf mini Sequoia.

Sequoiadendron gigantaum BLAUER EICHZWERG aka Blue Dwarf Giant Sequoia. SEQBlu_5 Zones: 6-8 (cold hardiness to -10 degrees F). Yes, itís real: a small dwarf of the Giant Sequoia and it has blue foliage! Easy to grow mini tree for patio or balcony tree, or any of the small scale scenes such as fairy gardens, garden railroads, and troughs. Maybe be trimmed shorter and narrower or let grow untrimmed to about 3 feet tall x 2 feet wide at 10 years. Site in cool area with filtered shade to protect from hot mid day sun. Keep moist in average well drained soil. Rare collectorís plant that is easy to grow and beautiful to look at. Shipping size 7+ inches.

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