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Syringa patula  MISS KIM  Dwarf Lilac

Fall Sale. Miss Kim is in autumn color, dropping her leaves and going dormant. Plant now for spring color and fragrance. Zones: 3-8. Beautiful flowers and fabulous fragrance keep Miss Kim in our garden. Leaves are a bit large (3 inches) for small-scale use; we planted her on the edge of our Garden Railroad where we have to lean over and inhale her intoxicating perfume. For us she has stayed at just under 4 feet; growers notes say 4-5 feet with age, which is very small for a lilac. Blooms later in spring than her taller cousins. A must have if you love lilacs and fragrance in the garden. LiveScaleİChoice-Dwarf. Shipping size: 6-10 inches, young plants just starting to branch out..

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