Acer palmatum ‘INABA SHIDARE‘

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Zones 5-9. Beautiful lace leaves emerge in spring as the darkest red-almost black, turning slightly more red to bronze-red in summer then bursting with fiery red in the fall. Inaba Shidare is considered one of the best lace leaf maples for hotter climates. It has been popular in Japan since the mid 1800s and was given an Award of Merit for reliability and stable color by the Royal Horticulture Society of Great Britain. Considered a large dwarf growing to 7-10 feet at ten years, with leaves about 3x3 inches deeply cut with serrated edges. It is a strong grower and best used in the general landscape or as Bonsai or a patio container plant. If you want an all season lace leaf maple this is it. Young two year graft just starting to branch. .Shipping size 6-10 inches.