Bonsai 'Primo' Small Dwarf Arborvitae #prm22921

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 This is one of our smallest and slowest growing arborvitae.  Primo has natural small irregular branching which suggests a more aged plant. This selection did not need trimming but we did remove lower branches to show it's curved trunk.  You, of course, may trim or wire branches to further it's windswept look. Primo prefers full sun to part shade and should live outdoors year round.  It may visit indoors on  display for 2-3 days then will need to return to fresh air outside.   Shipping size: Plant about 7- 8 inches. Container is 6" long, 4.5" wide and 2 inches deep. Your will receive the plant in the photo. Rock included. Code number: prm22921     Ht: 7-8 inch