Cedrus brevifolia KENWITH

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Zone 6-8. This rare miniature conifer was 2012 Collector’s Conifer of the Year.  Everything about this mini  tree is outstanding. Small stature, small needles, easy care. Kenwith naturally forms an upright but slightly irregular windswept look making it a natural Bonsai without the trimming and work of Bonsai.    Kenwith has short, rich green needles slowly forming a tiny mini tree that is, untrimmed, 15- 20 inches tall at 10 years. It is easy to care for in average well drained soil. Full sun to lightly filtered shade, moderate water and little or no trimming or fertilizer.    Perfect for all small scale scenes in the ground or in containers.  Good in troughs, Garden Railways, Fairy Gardens, Bonsai or as a collector’s specimen. Very limited numbers.  Shipping size 6-8 inches