Chamaecyparis obtusa nana lutea DWARF GOLDEN HINOKI CYPRESS

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  Zones 5-8. Fresh new starts from last fall. Well rooted. Slow growing gold tipped version of the Dwarf Hinoki cypress. Grows 4 to 6 inches per year. Reaching 5 ft tall and 2 1/2 ft wide at 10 years. New tips are fans of gold turning to soft green with age. “A Disneyland effect” said Bob Yankee about his favorite tree (one of the founders of Mini Forest). Shipping size: 2 to 4 inches SMALL DWARF

5 (-10 to -20 F)
8 (10 to 20 F)
COLOR: Yellow or Gold
GROWTH SHAPE: Broad Upright
GROWTH SIZE: Dwarf: 1 to 6 inches per year / 1 to 5 feet after 10 years