Bonsai 'Shimpaku' Juniperus Chinensis #SHIM1028

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This Shimpaku has everything to make a superior Mame or Shohin (small type) Bonsai.  Excellent root system, styling for shape has been started and it has endured the cold of ice storms and snow to 90 degree summer weather all in a small container.  Trim 1-2 times a year for shape and height control.  Of course you can let it grow larger, taller.  This outdoor tree prefers morning sun and protection such as filtered shade from hottest overhead sun.  Keep moist but well drained.  If located in full sun check moisture 2-3 times daily in hottest summer days and water as needed.    Current height: about 15 inches 

Bonsai made in 2013  


Rock included, figurine not included.