Ginkgo biloba ‘TSCHI TSCHI’

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Zones 4-9. This is a dwarf, bushy form of the Maiden Hair Tree.  The fan shaped leaves, to some, are similar to the hair style used by the maidens of ancient China.  Untrimmed grows to 4 feet x 3 feet at ten years.  Excellent for Bonsai, rock gardens, patio plant or as collector's item in the landscape. Generally free of insects and disease. Tolerant of urban pollution. Deer risistant. Tschi Tschi s is  very slow growing to about 3 feet at 10 years, 6-8 feet in 30 years.  Unless you have a very large landscape  beware of seed offers and cheap Ginkgo trees that are mostly the fast growing 50-80 foot varieties. Always look for the cultivar name and known mature height. This will help in planning the right size for your needs. Shipping size: 10-12 inches LiveScale©Choice-Dwarf.