Picea abies 'Pygmaea' PYGMY NORWAY SPRUCE

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Pygmy Norway Spruce is very slow growing  with small, about 1 inch,  needles   Grows naturally slightly wider than taller with age.  Full sun to part shade.  Average soil, moist well drained. For the collector, or larger rock gardens, troughs, or general landscape.    We have enjoyed these as mini Bonsai as they have attractive trunks at a young age  and are easy to prune and manage.  Planted in the landscape Pygmy forms a  perfect cone without shearing. It is a strong grower fully filling out its' 3' high and 4' wide cone in about 12 years.  It does not atrophy (die back) when touching other plants.  It claims it's territory, with  it's  growth filled out to the ground suppressing weeds underneath.   Current shipping size, shape ,and height varies. 4 to 6 inch tall 2 year plants starting to add more height and branches.