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Pinus mugo CARSTEN’S WINTERGOLD    Carsten's Wintergold was chosen “Collector’s Conifer of The Year” in 2013 by The American Conifer Society.  It is a small dwarf green mugo which turns to  intense winter gold  and is easy to grow.  Plant in full sun water in well drained soil. Water moderately the first few seasons then it will take some drought.  Let grow untrimmed naturally to 2 ' high x 3' wide at 10 years forming a small attractive mound.  Hardy in Zones 7 down to the cold of Zone 2.  Shipping size 12-14 inch mature plants with thick trunks in gallon containers.  Approximately 20 years old.

 (Note: These are grafted cuttings of Carsten’s Windergold as found by Erin Carstens in Germany in the 1980s.  Plants by the name of Wintergold or Carsten’s are different mugo pines.  We have the correct award winning cultivar  ready to ship to you.)