Tsuga diversifolia 'Loowitt'

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Loowit looks like a little Balsam fir but take more sun and heat. Loowit has tiny needles on short congested branches and is very slow growing.  The needle undersides look like white grains rice.   Thus the name Tiny Rice Tree. This small dwarf  was selected from hemlock seed collected in the high alpine region of Fukushima prefecture, Japan. It was given the Native American name Loowit for Mt. St. Helen's in Washington state. Give moist well drained average soil.  Takes full sun in all but the hottest climates where it should have filtered shade. Mini Forest proudly offers this hardy little plant that honors a mountain whose  perfect shape once challenged the perfection of Mt, Fuji.
Sky's comments:  As a child I remember with pride Mount St. Helen's beautiful (inverted) cone shape. On clear days when she was covered in fresh snow and basking in the sunlight she was dazzling,   In 1980 with my own growing  family we witnessed with horror and fascination the tremendous power of her great eruption.  Although the flora and fauna have come back to the hills at her base, the question remains- Will we ever see her perfect cone top again?  Photo shows approximate shipping size and the tiny needles on a 2 year plant.  Bonsai photo shows 4 year plant trimmed as a mini tree.