Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Mother nature surrounded us with white Christmas this year in Oregon.  Winter finally showing itself by throwing a white blanket of snow over Mini Forest making it a quiet and serene place. The plants have gone into hibernation, and We must resist waking them, which in turn makes us want to hibernate.

As We head into this New year with record rainfall wiping out any existence of snow we had.  I walk around Mini Forest and notice the creek is running high and the culverts full, there is plenty of moisture in the air with lots of rain leaving it soggy, but the winter colors are phenomenal.

Some plants have decided they don't know what time of year and have decided to bloom, but my favorite winter color is to the yellowing needles of the Chief Joseph Lodgepole Pine.


Chief Joseph is a very rare golden pine that was discovered in the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon. It is named to honor the Nez Perce Indian Chief Joseph. Around the end of October it turns neon yellow glowing all winter long. Then with warmer spring weather turns to a soft green. It is slow growing to about 6 feet at 10 years which rates it as a small dwarf. Grown in zones 5-9.

We have good news and bad news. The bad news, Gardenpalooza will not be happening this year as it there is not enough time to plan and organize such a huge event on such short notice, also the hosts are retiring. We will greatly miss this event as it was a great way to start out the season and visit with customers, but we are happy to congratulate those on retirement. With the bad news out of the way. It is time for the good news. Master Gardeners Faire has officially announced that there will be an event this year. After 2 long years of covid restrictions, we finally get to attend, cross your fingers.  

We can't wait to see you during the Master Gardeners and future farmers markets, dates to be announced later. Last year has come and gone by so fast, and we are so lucky to have our customers. Happy and Prosperous New year everyone.


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