About Us

"We empower individuals through the art of bonsai, we strive to cultivate not just miniature trees, but a deeper connection to nature and oneself. Our mission is to share the transformative power of nurturing bonsai trees, promoting mindfulness, creativity, and a sense of well-being. Through education, and sustainable practices, we aim to foster a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for individuals and the environment alike, one tiny tree at a time."


My name is Becky Yankee and it is with great pride I announce that Jolyn Overton (my business partner and bestie) and I have taken over the family business. SKY has officially retired, but on speed dial, after over 30 yrs. It is an honor to carry on her legacy and love for all miniature things. We look forward to serving all of our long time customers and bring in a new generation to love miniatures. 

 This journey began in 1994, when I was 6 yrs old on the old homestead playing in the garden railroad at grandma and grandpa's house. That was the year grandma SKY opened Mini Forest. I grew up in this nursery, learning and watching my grandma as she so gracefully taught me patience and the beauty of nature. There was never a dull moment organizing, repotting and packing plants for shipment. We spent countless hours together and my passion for plants will forever bring me home to grandma's house in Oregon.







Email info@miniforest.com with questions!