General Care Instructions

 General Care and Planting Instructions:      

  • These are outdoor plants
  • Do not allow your plant to dry out - Adjust your watering schedule to your specific climate and season. 
  • Do not over water - If the soil is wet, do not add water. 
  • Water your plant daily until it is ready to be planted in the ground
  • Always lift by the container or base
  • Protect from extreme heat and wind


Container Grown:

  • Carefully loosen the roots all around the root ball. If the plant is root bound use your fingers or shears to gently loosen the root mass on sides and bottom.  
  • If you want to add mulch on top of the roots, use up to 2″ of mulch ensuring it does not touch the bark. 
  • When placing in a container or pot, be sure the root flare sits slightly above the top layer or soil. Then fill the hole and around the roots with soil.
  • Water well before the hole is filled to remove air pockets then water again when the planting is completed.



  • Use a starter or organic product
  • Never let fertilizer come in contact with plant foliage as it may burn the plant and cause severe dieback


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