Natural Miniatures

Our head horticulturalist, Sky, has spent a few decades in the dirt.  She has collected and developed quite a number of miniatures.  They're not G.M.O.  Mini Forest plantings are natural, genetically small specimens, without tortuous manipulation, either by chemicals, intense pruning, or other time consuming and awkward means. Our more than one hundred varieties cover multiple scales to match your plans.  Over 54 years of experience support your success.  This is our ability, this is our promise to you.

It’s about Sports and Reversions.  In all living things, genetic changes are constant.  Every once in a while a plant sends out a branch that is new and unique.  A sharp eye sees opportunity in some of these.  Careful tending of starts with smaller needles or leaves, shorter and/or slower growth overall, and greater hardiness create our choices.  Those that prove stable become our offerings.