Natural Miniatures

Head Horticulturist and owner of Mini Forest SKY has officially retired after over 35 years. She is ready to spend more time with family and friends. She has been a great mentor and teacher to me for the last 6 years and I hope I can continue her dream and make it my own. Hi, my name is Shanna. I am the new owner and head horticulturist of Mini Forest.  I obtained my AAS in Horticulture in 2018 at CCC (Clackamas Community College). I have always enjoyed being outside gardening and enjoying nature. I have spent the last 6 years with SKY acquiring as much knowledge as possible.  

Mini Forest Planting are natural, genetically small specimens without manipulation either by intense pruning, chemicals or other time consuming and awkward means. We have more than one hundred varieties to cover multiple scales to match your plans or landscape. We take cuttings from our rare and popular plants and create the best specimen for your landscape, bonsai, fairy garden or your garden railroad.  We also carry rare and unique specimens obtained locally from wholesalers in Oregon such as Iseli, Bucholtz and Little Prince.  

Miniatures are all about Sports and Reversions. In all living things, genetics are constant and ever changing. Every once in a while, a plant sends out a branch that is new and unique. A sharp eye sees opportunity in these. Careful tending these starts with smaller needles or leaves, short and/or slower growth and greater hardiness create our choices. Those that prove stable become our offerings.