Before You Order Your Plants


Sorry we cannot ship outside the Continental United States. :(

*Plants are guaranteed to arrive in good condition when shipped via UPS 3 Day Select, priority or an expedited service only.  Orders that are sent First Class, UPS ground or standard USPS Post, will be shipped at the customer’s risk plant quality upon arrival cannot be guaranteed.


Shipping size is the approximate height, and represents the minimum size we will send. You do not need to Bonsai, root prune, or top prune to keep them small, as they are genetically small.


Please research and make sure the plant you are buying is for your zone. 

USDA hardiness zones are listed by one or two numbers indicating approximate range of each plant’s temperature tolerance (i.e.: Zone 4 - 6).  Also, your own micro climate of soil, wind, and sun exposure make make a difference.  To determine your area zone, see page 20.  To view a color map, ago to and click on the USDA Plant HardinessZone Map button.


We ship September through June everywhere in the continental United States.  We do not ship during the hottest summer months of July and August.  Best shipping and planting is early spring or late fall.




Due to conditions beyond our control, plants become your property once they are given to the carrier.  If there is a delayed, damaged or lost shipment, file a claim with your carrier immediately and notify us so we can assist you with your claim.


Most small trees and shrubs are shipped in five or six inch tall, narrow band pots to allow full, deep root systems.  Some of the more mature plants are shipped in larger containers.  We list actual plant heights with each description, not including pot size.


All plants may safely be held or grown in their containers.  After the darkness of shipping, lift plants from the shipping box, remove plastic cover and water well.  Introduce them to direct sun gradually - such as a shady spot, unheated garage (preferably above freezing in winter) or another cool area providing indirect light and fresh air.  Storing indoors is not a good idea as most homes are too hot for our plants (except house plants).  At planting time it is best to use a vitamin B1 transplanting solution


If you need help with your order, please call us at (503) 632-3555 between 8am and 5pm PST, Tuesday through Saturday, or email us at