Pinus mugo 'SLOWMOUND'

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Pinus mugo ‘Slowmound’ is an Iseli TRUdwarf® easy to grow in a wide variety of climates from high elevation to low valleys. Keeps it’s dark green color year ‘round and stays small (see 10 yer height below) and compact. Cold weather brings a white resinous coating on each terminal bud giving the effect of frosted tips. When planted out it will take some drought  when established. (2-4 years).  Perfect for small gardens or the general landscape. Also does well in containers such as  patio containers or as a green mini accent in the regular garden. Slow growth to about 24-30 inches at 10 years. untrimmed larger with age. Shipping size 4-5 inches.

Garden Size: 4’H x 6’W
Growth Rate: 3-6″/year
Zone: 3-9
Globe Shaped
Sunlight: Full Sun with well drained soil and moderate water
Green Needle